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Investor Anxiety Spreading in Canada

Investor Anxiety Spreading in Canada

Are you concerned about your portfolio? You’re far from alone. BMO InvestorLine recently performed a survey that revealed that just about everyone else is too — all told, 97 percent of investors in Canada say that thinking about investments causes them to worry.

It’s not hard to understand, if you think about it. BMO InvestorLine ran their survey in the middle of July. The European debt crisis was back in an uproar, oil had dropped below $50 per barrel, and the Chinese stock market was in the middle of a mad bear market. Today, the Greek debt in the EU is still a ticking time bomb, China has devalued its currency, and oil is now under $44, so it’s not like the problems have resolved themselves.

There were some other questions in the survey that were interesting as well.

90 percent of Canadians feel confused about the whole investment process.47 percent (50 percent of women and 43 percent of men) are worried about losing money in their portfolio.40 percent (41 percent of women and 39 percent of men) are worried about having their investments bring back a poor return.

What were people confused about when it came to investing? Here are the top three topics:

Finding a vehicle for investment that minimizes risk while still providing the best possible return (38 percent overall)Finding the right investment vehicle for their life stage and risk tolerance (25 percent overall)Knowing the right time to alter their mix of investments (23 percent overall)Choosing the best place to put their money (23 percent overall)

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