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Daniel K. Akowuah
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Amansad Financial Services Inc.
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Brokers For Life Inc.(Brokerage)

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If you are a “New” or an “Experienced” Real Estate Investor looking for well above average returns backed by real estate throughout Western Canada, you should contact Amansad Financial Services Inc. Amansad Financial frequently have opportunities for:

  • 1st mortgages
  • 2nd mortgages and 3rd mortgages
  • Blanket / Interalia
  • Short and Long Terms
  • Open and Closed Mortgages
  • Urban and Rural Properties
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgages
  • Serviced and Un-serviced Land
  • Mortgages Collateralized by other non-real estate assets

“We find the property and borrower for you, and you decide on whether to invest”

Provide Amansad Financial with your expectations and comfort levels. Amansad Financial will find you the borrower and real estate, and you decide to invest.