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Coinmortgage is a Real Estate Investor Website provided by Amansad Financial for investors looking for mortgage investing opportunities within Canada. Amansad Financial is commited to providing excellent Mortgage investment services for investors.

Investing in the mortgage market has become an attractive place for many people to put their money, as the reward is higher than the paltry interest rates available from government secured debt, and the risk is much lower than the stock market, commodities or other investments.

Seeking Investors For Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We are looking for Real Estate Investors to put their funds into the mortgage market, and there are many ways that you can turn your investment into significant growth. The first is real estate investing, which involves you purchasing property and then either making improvements and flipping the property at a profit over your initial investment and the cost of improvements or turning into a landlord for the property. Either way, you are taking real property and turning it into profits for Real Estate Private Investors.

There are many people out there who would like to purchase real estate and have socked away as much as 40 percent of the purchase price as a down payment but still cannot get a bank to lend them the rest of the money. Some of them are self employed and lack a reliable, verifiable record of income to satisfy the bank that they can make payments in a timely manner. Others have run into financial problems in the past and so do not have a credit score that is high enough for the bank to approve their loan, even though they have significantly more than the usual minimum of 20 percent of the purchase price to put down. Amansad Financial has connections with many clients who are looking for people to provide them with a private mortgage, so if you have the funds to put into place, we can connect you with people who need it. The benefits include your ability to charge a higher interest rate than the banks — the borrowers represent a higher risk than those who can get bank financing — as well as a shorter term. You don’t have to wait ten years or thirty years to get your money bank, as the usual term for a private mortgage ranges between six months and two years.

Private mortgage lending does not have to involve the first mortgage. Sometimes people need to take out a second or third mortgage on their property. Perhaps a major repair becomes necessary at the last minute, and a homeowner doesn’t have the funds on hand. Maybe a child is about to head off to college, and that second or third mortgage will bring in the funds necessary to pay for tuition and fees. Perhaps a major medical expense has come up, or a couple decides that they are going to take that 25th anniversary cruise, even though they don’t quite have the money. No matter what the reason is, there are ample opportunities for you to invest your money by funding a second or third mortgage. You might be concerned that your lien would be junior to the primary mortgage in case of default, but we can help you carry out the due diligence when considering each potential borrower.

There are several other types of mortgages in which you can invest to turn a profit. A bridge mortgage helps a borrower who is moving from one city to another and needs to go ahead and buy a home in his destination city, even though he has not yet sold his first home. A bridge mortgage helps him financially in the interim, until he pays off that first mortgage through the sale of that house. If a borrower wants to purchase multiple properties with one loan — common in real estate investment — a blanket or inter alia loan is one note that covers all of the expenses. This is especially attractive for lenders because the collateral consists of multiple properties, meaning that default is much less likely. Finally, an equity take out mortgage helps a borrower who needs to access the equity in his home to handle a major expense, such as a repair or a medical expense.

We stand ready to help connect you and your funds with people who can use it in the mortgage market. The rewards are definitely worthwhile, and the risk is quite manageable. Give us a call to discuss our Mortgage Investment Services today!

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